Eurofarm, S.p.A.

Eurofarm represents the excellence of Made in Italy

Since 1.979, Eurofarm, S.p.A. is a leading medical devices manufacturing company, specialized in research, production and distribution of a wide range of first-aid plasters, sterile surgical dressings, incision drapes, bandages and advance medical devices for the treatment of wounds and skin lesions.

Eurofarm, S.p.A. covers an area of ​​32,000 m2 of which 13,000 m2 are offices, warehouses and controlled microclimate environments among other production activities.

The company has a modern clean room class 100.000 of 800 m2, a quality control laboratory of advanced technology and a sophisticated ethylene oxide ETO sterilization chamber. This allow carrying out research and continuous development of new products and production technologies, all in a fully integrated facility.

Hospital Line

- Incision drapes
- Calcium Alginate
- CMC Dressings
- Silver Pad Dressings
- Hydrogel Dressing
- Skin closure strips
- PU Foam Dressings

- Strips
- Tapes
- Fixation Plasters
- Continuos Lenght Plasters
- Silver and Aloe Detergent Spray
- Tracheostomy Dressings
- Absorbent cotton thread gauze

- Sports Line
- Bandages
- Bandages with Zinc Oxide
- Post-Operative Dressings
- Eye Dressing
- Enteral Tube Fixation Plasters
- Orthopedic Line

Pharmacy line

- For wound cleaning
- For wound care
- Eye dressings
- For burns treatment
- For cronic wounds and ulcers
- For lab analysis

- For skin closure
- Bandages
- Sports taping
- For tracheotomy wound
- For legs venous disease
- Intimate & wound cleaning
- Absorbent cotton thread gauze


Semi-finished products

Eurofarm, S.p.A. is a strategic resource for medical devices manufacturers capable of providing semi-finished lines of products for the wound care and first aid field, using selected raw materials exclusively of European Origin.

Our extensive materials knowledge enables Eurofarm, S.p.A. to offer high standard and customized components for the most demanding wound care applications including materials coating and slitting sold in semi-finished bobbins in a height between 1 cm and 150 cm with a length of between 200 and 500 linear meters.

The semi-finished products can be supplied with already pre-cut release paper.
Among the semi-finished products made from Eurofarm, S.p.A. are:
- Adhesive cotton in bobbins.
- Adhesive viscose in bobbins.
- Adhesive elastic fabric in bobbins.
- Adhesive acetate fabric (silky appearance) in bobbins.
- Adhesive non- woven spun-lance and spun-bond in bobbins.
- Adhesive non-woven (wood pulp paper) in bobbins.
- Polyurethane film (breathable) in bobbins.
- Adhesive polyurethane film (breathable) in bobbins.
- Adhesive Antibacterial polyurethane film (breathable) with Iodine in bobbins.
- Adhesive polyethylene in bobbins.